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Strategic Marketing

We quantify, qualify, and develop concepts, products, and services that strategically advance market conditions and enhance profits for all shareholders, stakeholders, and clients. Kling Strategic Partners realizes that today’s global and glocal world business has advanced from production based (industrial revolution) to transactional (price driven) to reactional (market driven) to new partnerships based on mutual growth (consumer and business focused on customization of one). Kling Strategic Partners mission is to create, develop, and enhance those partnerships and alliances to drive good growth and net returns for all involved.

There is an old saying about thinking out of the box. We blew up the box. As we build new alliances for good growth (profitable and sustainable growth) we have developed a process known as Virtual Thinking™ that stimulates creative ideation in all aspects of the business. Within this process we have evolved concepts and products beyond boundaries and standard dimensional metrics. The world we live in is traveling in nano-seconds. Therefore, businesses can’t afford or survive much less build out, living within conventional assumptions.


The proprietary concept of Virtual Thinking™ qualifies and quantifies 

non-dimensional creative dynamics that have commercial viability, and can be maintained and enhanced as stronger platforms for expansion and growth.


This process will not accept traditional dimensions, in fact there are no dimensions at the real genesis of an idea. Which is why at KSP, we develop and drive ideas from Seed to Need.

Creative Ideation
Profitable Partnerships

Kling Strategic Partnerships builds and drives profitable alliances with invasive analytics and conceptional ideation for mutual growth. These initiative based partnerships include retailer-driven and consumer focused programs, built on consistent opportunities to drive engagement. It is about developing branding and focused concepts that resonates with all consumers, and evolves the life cycle of a product or service, that can change with needs and wants of new consumers.

Board Positions

Kling Strategic Partners CEO Doug Kling offers the ability to act on behalf of clients and future clients as a temporary member or full-time member of the Board of Directors, to add value and drive insights where possible. Mr. Kling has served and serves on the following boards:


Director - Black Gold Farms Board of Directors (Current)

Director - United Fresh Produce Association Board of Directors (Current)

Member – Produce Marketing Association Advisory Board (Current)

Chairman – Kling Strategic Partners LLC (Current)

Member – United Fresh Grower Shipper Board

Director – Motts Inc. Management Board (Division of Cadbury Schweppes)

Director - Johanna Foods Inc. Management Board

Chairman - Resource Network Associates Inc. Board

Vice President – Montgomery Township, New Jersey School Board

(Elected 4 Terms for 12 years)

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